My mother once told me that I owned an aweful lot of shoes. I wonder what my roommate's mother would say?

As good as she is a being sweet to me, I can't help mistrusting that sweetness. She did, in fact, smoke in our suite's bathroom within the first several weeks of school. Maybe that has something to do with it. . . who knows. Don't worry, sweet little me does not always keep my mouth shut. She knows what I think. . . very well. Sam isn't around much. Therefore, not many people in Watauga College, of which she is a part, seem to know who she is.
I still don't understand why drinking and pot smoking are such prominent pastimes in college. I guess I'll never know. Apparently it is really fun while you are doing it ( even if you do get hit by a car like someone I know. I can't imagine that he wasn't drunk).
I am enjoying things here, even when the stresses that come with school appear. Soon I'll learn how to handle them and it won't be so bad. Next saturday is homecoming and I can't wait. That will be lots of fun. Football and parades and exciting stuff like that. Woohoo!
Have a good week or so. I'll write again soon.


Here are some pictures of some of the things I've been doing with my time. These will also show you some of my new friends.
This is Ancelin and Morgan. They are French Exchange here for the semester. My friend Emily and I were helping them in the laundry room.

Here is Emily, Taylor and Kyle. We were shopping for our meal. It was quite fun.

Saturday a small group from my Kitchen Lab class went to the farmers market to research for a meal we are making in a month. We found someone who was making food and had samples. Four of us decided we wanted to make the sample food for dinner. We got recipes and then went to the store and bought the food. Since it was Labor Day weekend there were not many people in the dorm. We wanted to invited whoever we knew who was here so we decided to make a lot. We made so much and all of the dishes in the kitchen were so small that we put the food in someone's tupperware drawer.

Here we are cooking in the kitchen. By the time we were finished cooking there were about nine or ten people in the kitchen. Crazy!

Do you see the drawer?

Here are the partakers of the dinner. We had so much fun making it and then eating it. It was definitely a community builder. Afterwards we went to the LLC TV lounge and watched "Back to the Future."
I am beginning to adjust to being here and am really enjoying the people that I am getting to know. I have also been getting to know some people from RUF (reformed university fellowship) who I love so much. I am looking forward to all of these relationships growing.