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Yay! Mississippi trip was amazing!!
Here are some pictures.


You just wait! I have so much running through my mind right now. I don't know where to start.


Yes, it's flattering that a boy would ask me to tie his tie for him, but really! Learn to tie your own tie! There is something wrong with the fact that a girl would know how to use a boys clothing accessory and a boy wouldn't.

I'm heading to Mississippi on Saturday and fighting homesickness the whole way.


semi-homesickness+starting to want to go home for spring break instead of mississippi+having to drop a class because I'm failing = bad beginning to the week


Pre-prom pictures. Such lovely ladies.


Living in my dorm is more like living in a private boarding school. There are a little over three hundered students here and each student is part of one or more of the following catagories: Teaching Fellow, Wataugan (meaning a member of Watauga College, which is a residential learning community), or international student. We all attend roughly half of our classes in classrooms within the dorm or in classrooms in the building right next to the dorm. Our dorm is removed from the rest of campus and this gives the feeling of not really being a part of the rest of the community. Because most of the kids in the dorm share classes together as well as live together, gossip flourishes. I know things about people that I've never even met and all because they are one of my friend's best friends. I know nearly everyone on my hall and about half of all of the people on every other floor, as well as all of the CGs (also known as privileged RAs). Some people even go to class in their pajamas and have clearly just rolled out of bed.
All of these reasons make me feel like I am a student at a very small school, but better than all of these reasons is the one that trumps them all. We have our own prom. Yes, a prom. The theme for this years LLC Prom is The Beatles.
This is a crazy place and the only way you could really know what it is like is to experience it for yourself.