The LLC breeds drama and gossip. I have learning that if you don't participate in the drama that, as long as people trust you, you become the middle man. I am becoming an expert at listening and responding. I know more dirt than anybody wants to know that I know. Sometimes it hurts to know what my friends are dealing with. I can't wait for summer, but at the same time I feel like there are issues that need to be resolved and won't be before everyone leaves for summer. I hate to see how they will re-manifest themselves next fall.
Prayer has become my haven.


Stressed out!!!!!!


Snow in the middle of April?!


This post is dedicated to my sister (if you have any questions about her, this picture should explain everything).

I have spent the weekend at home celebrating Easter with my family and enjoying a few days off from school before I go back and try to survive the last three weeks of school. This weekend has been wonderful. I have been able to see most of my family and a large group of my friends from church who I look forward to seeing every time I'm home.
It snowed the night that I got home which is a little odd, but not so unusual, I guess.
Thinking about this summer has made me think that I will miss Boone more this summer than I thought I would, but I know that next year will be far different from this year. I look forward to the new adventure though. I think it will be easier knowing that I already have several close and dependable friends who will make any new adjustments that much easier. I'm also looking forward to the possibility of old friends joining me in a new place.
It's hard to imagine how quickly the next three weeks will go by. I look forward to what may follow them during the summer and probably will update some time after those weeks (or maybe before of this is where my procrastination takes me).