Meet my new friend:



This is my summer to date:

1. I do not have a job, but I will.

2. Salsa dancing is tonight and I really really want to go.

3. I went contra dancing last night and it was fun. I'll go back for the next couple of weeks but probably won't go much for the rest of the summer.

4. My brother got married last week. Woowoo!

5. I have learned that I tend to be attracted to a certain kind of guy. He is attractive, interesting, fun, easy to talk to... but this kind of guy has, as one friend puts it, "one fatal flaw." He is not a christian. Woe is me.

6. I've decided that I will be an event planner, maybe a wedding planner. This decision was based on the realization that a lot of my future job options require working with tight ass business men and women. I don't have time to mess with that because someone might get hurt.

7. I like the northeast.

8. I've been home for almost a week and have seen barely anyone that I know. I consider this to be a recovery period to regain energy for the summer ahead. Being an introvert, I need space from friends especially when I've been at school for a year where I see certain people almost every day.

9. It doesn't feel like summer break yet.

10. I am attempting to learn how to play the guitar this summer. I can currently play a c chord from memory. That's good, right?


I was reading the back of a can of Oust air sanitizer and I found these excellent words regarding the use of the product.

"Before spraying, remove birds."

There must have been some disastrous results from this product that involved birds. Well, now everyone knows.


Bill Clinton came to Boone yesterday. I went to hear him speak. I said that he thinks that Hillary would be a better president today than him. Wow. That's really big of him.

Today was the last day of classes. I couldn't be happier except that I still have two exams and a portfolio due. Ah! But it will all be over so soon.


The quote of the day comes to you from Freaks and Geeks:

Sam: You look a bit like my grandpa
Bill: Oh yeah? Well is your grandpa super cool?


1. Susannah and Anna coming to visit.
2. Hiding from Thomas and Evan with Susannah, Anna, and Martha
3. Finding out that RUF App State will have a yearlong stand in intern-ish person until our campus minister shows up a year from now
4. Seeing Juno
5. Scaring the bajeebees out of James, Scott, and Joe after watching Juno for the second time
6. Going out to breakfast with my suite
7. Finding shoes to wear to the weddings
8. Finishing my proposal to be on Fear Factor (business writing class assignment)
9. Finding out that my business writing class will not have a final
10. Realizing that there is only 1 1/2 weeks left before finals


What?! Snow in April should be expected since it is Boone after all. Today has looked a lot like a November day.

Spring semester is so close to ending! It is hard to believe that my Summer break is about to begin when I look out the window and it is snowing.