Things currently on my mind:

1. Oh Mark Whipple, why you got to go preaching about applicable things again?!
2. Dollywood (what what!)
3. I wanna go to the drum circle on friday night.
4. Why is it summer and I still find things to procrastinate on? (Who knew?)
5. It would be cool to have a summer birthday, but I don't think there will ever be any hope of that for me. I guess I'll have to stick to ice skating for my birthday parties.
6. I have to leave my hair alone for two more years at least.
7. I love making new friends.
8. Why do I miss Boone? Or is it the people I miss?
9. You should go contra dancing because it is that amazing.
10. To have only one child is a silly idea. My family will (hopefully) have a least five kids.
11. When I grow up I want to move to Boston. . . or maybe Thailand. I can't decide.
12. Am I completely sure that I want to have a business major? Maybe philosophy? Or how about Education? Or I could be a dance major. Hmmmmm
13. Running!!! I going to start, but my first try was pretty pathetic. I can't even run a flat mile. At least I have a sister who'll help me out because she is a natural.
14. What will I learn over the next few months about this (my) rebellion against God?
15. What is it about me that I find so fascinating that I want to think about myself all the time?


Although summer in Germany would have been an adventure I am happy to be in Asheville. Most of all I would miss all of the people that surround me on a daily and weekly basis. Those people are so valuable to me.