In my business writing class today our teacher had us bring in a set of "professional instructions" to talk about. There is a guy in my class who had brought instructions to Monopoly, but after finding out that he was the third person in the class to bring in Monopoly instructions he stands and says, "Well, I was in the shower this morning and the directions on the shampoo bottle said "lather, rinse, repeat" but after a couple hours I was late for class... so I think there's a problem with those directions."


Oh yeah! And I learned this weekend that I have a 68% change of getting married before I die. A friend of mine told me and I am so grateful that he has such high hopes for me in that area of my life.
Reasons why I like going home:

1. Real food
2. My family is pretty cool
3. Salsa dancing
4. Who wouldn't want to show Asheville off to their friends?
5. I like sleeping in my bed
6. Laundry is a lot easier to do at home
7. The dogs
8. I feel like I am in a completely different world when I go home and it takes away a lot of stress
9. College student drama is not a central part of conversation
10. Boone still feels new and it is sometimes nice to have a break in a place that is completely familiar


When my mom drove me back to school last week we passed a huge truck of logs going the other way. Today when I was driving back to Asheville with my friend Courtney, we passed a truck with logs going the other way. Of course this made me think of Brian Regan: "You had logs...?"


According to my research it takes at least eight guys to find just one who will walk you back to your dorm at night. What is the world coming to?

Unfortunately, there were only seven guys. Really, it could take more than eight guys to find one who will walk a girl back, but I really don't know.


Classes started today. It is 28 degrees outside. The sky is gray, the wind is blowing, and there are flurries in the air that never really seem to find a place to land. I saw a large percentage of my RUF friends at lunch today ( and it wasn't even planned). Ahhh! We're back for real. Where did my Christmas break go?!

Quick synopsis of my spring 2008 classes for Mondays and Wednesdays:

Computer class looks like a piece of cake, my teacher is amazing, and I have an RUF friend in the class.

Business Writing is questionable, but my teacher is a nice, approachable, mom-like person. A friendish sort of person who I met at RA training is in this class.

Quick guessing session for my Tuesday and Thursday classes:

Accounting is going to kick my butt. I only hope the teacher is good because I've already received an email from him and I know he means business. I think I might have an RUF friend is that class.

Statistics just might also kick my butt, but I'll have an RUF friend in that class also who will be able to go through it with me.

Hospitality class is supposed to have a really boring teacher. The subject will, however, hopefully make this an excellent class. Don't actually know anyone in this class, but I do know of people who will be in this class.

This is shaping up to be a pretty good semester. Community Guide stuff has been a little difficult and very time consuming. People keep congratulating me for becoming a CG and that, to me, is a bit strange and hard to respond to. I am learning to embrace my crafty side, as well as my authoritative, parental, responsible side. The crafty part comes in with the bulletin boards and door decs (decorations). The authoritative, parental, responsible side comes in when I smell pot on my hall or people are being loud after quiet hours, etc.
Yesterday we had a dorm meeting and then split into hall meetings. I had to talk in front of about a hundred or so people and of course I blushed. I like to think that people have already forgotten about that.

Happy school year everybody! Enjoy all that work and reading that you have to do and continue to eagerly anticipate all the projects and papers and finals that will soon be upon you! Or... if you aren't in school... enjoy whatever it is that you do.


I think whether I have permission or not I'm just going to have to break down for a little while very soon. There are too many changes going on.