My family decided that instead of purchasing tons and tons of presents for Christmas this year we would all draw names and then give one gift to the person who's name we had drawn. The catch was that the present had to be homemade. My dad had my name (coincidentally, I had his name also) and he made me this amazing collage. This is what it looks like:


A Charlie Brown Christmas grows on me a little more each year.

"All I want is what I have coming to me. All I want is my fair share."
Christmas shopping is a joke. I avoid it like the plague. In fact, I haven't done any real Christmas shopping this year (A.C. Moore doesn't count because I didn't have to wait in a line). Don't be jealous!


And here is the evidence from last nights events:


I am way to ambitious when it comes to trying to make friends.
Code for: I'm a sucker for awkward situations.


According to my calculations, 28 days of doing nearly nothing is a very, very long time. Therefore, I plan to find many somethings to do with my times. This includes, reading, seeing people (preferably people I know), dancing, going places, babysitting, coffee shop hopping, going on Christmas light tours, watching fabulous movies, celebrating holidays and birthdays and... ummm... I can't forget to mention dressing up like a peasant and acting like kitchen help while serving a bunch of "entertainers." 

All I have to say about the last one is: what the heck? 
There will be photographic evidence.


And she did it! She's done. She finished like she always does, like she always thinks she won't. And she thinks to herself:
"Forget you, fall semester 2007. I'm through with you. Never again will we associate. Never again will I speak of your name in any way but as a relic of the past. Your days are over! Go home!"

I have two days of Boone without homework and then it is on to Asheville!


Go Appalachian! Go Appalachian!

Go Appalachian!
Go Appalachian!

Go Appalachian!!!!!

(in other words, we're going to Chattanooga!)


Classes are over and today is "reading day." Tomorrow I have my first two exams and Friday I have two more! The first four are not the hard tests though, it is the Economics test that will be hard and I will have plenty of time to study for that one.
I just got an exam package. Some crazy kids were throwing them outside of our doors and then subsequently kicking our doors and yelling, "care packages!" Not that anyone would have missed the fact that they were out there anyway. They were so loud without having to yell at and kick our doors. Ah! Such is the college life. Consideration for others is not a necessary requirement for college students (apparently...).
Accounting powerpoints are calling my name and I can no longer ignore.

p.s. Friday night is the final playoff game for App before the game for the championship and I am so there!!! Everybody there's going to freeze their butts off!!


In approximately 10 days and counting, my third official semester of college will be over. I can't wait! Christmas break couldn't come sooner.